iGEM/Science Fair R&D Kit Pack


Following on from the Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Kit Packs (Chapters 1-7), students have enough knowledge about cells, macromolecules, enzymes, and genetic regulation, as well as the hands-on skills and equipment to begin doing their own research project. The iGEM/Science Fair R&D Kit Pack is designed for students that want to begin exploring their own project of interest that goes beyond what Amino Labs offers. While this kit pack does not cater to the need of designing and cloning DNA, it provides the materials that you’re familiar with that will help you to transform cells and extract proteins from the cells so that you can do further analysis.

It is strongly recommended that the students complete the entire Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero book and exercises prior to beginning their research project as this will improve their chance of success, enhance their ability to complete the project with less reliance of mentors, and be familiar with the equipment, procedures, and basic concepts that are very important for doing a genetic engineering project. Having already become familiarized with equipment, procedures, and concepts will substantially increase their progress in doing a project, because the students time will be spent working on their project, rather than learning the basics.

What's Included?

Junior R&D Engineer-it Group Kit

You’re very familiar with the Engineer-it Kit procedures. In fact, you’ve probably achieved professional level transformation capabilities by now! The Junior R&D Engineer-it Group Kit includes eight “blank” Engineer-it Kits. This means that no DNA plasmids, blank cells, or positive control cells are sent with this kit, but rather you will use your own DNA plasmids and cells. In the original Engineer-it Kits, chloramphenicol is the primary antibiotic used - in this kit you receive antibiotics of your choice. This is because while chloramphenicol could very well be used for selection of your plasmid, you may need a different antibiotic commonly used in genetic engineering. Amino Labs has all of the most common antibiotics used in genetic engineering experiments involving bacteria.

Once you’ve received your Junior R&D Engineer-it Group Kit, you can complete the same procedure you’ve practiced many times: Creating your Petri dishes, growing blank cells, and transforming your cells - except the engineered colonies have your own custom plasmid!

This group kit includes 8x individually packaged kits that can be used as needed.

Extract-it Group Kit

You’re already familiar with the Extract-it Kit, which you used in Chapters 5 and 6 of Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero. There are two variants of the Extract-it Kit:

Non-enzyme: Is designed for extracting non-enzyme proteins and chemicals from cells. These include structural proteins, color pigments and more. This is the same Extract-it Kit that you used in Chapter 5, which gently lyses cells and does not destroy your non-enzyme proteins.

Enzyme:Is designed for extracting enzymes from cells. While all enzymes are different and often require very special conditions to be active, this kit can be your first attempt at getting your enzyme reaction working outside of cells. It is not guaranteed that your enzyme will be functional when using this kit, however, it could be a straight forward and simple first attempt. Chemical conditions such as pH, salts, and substrates all affect whether your enzymes will be active.

This group kit includes 4x of 'non-enzyme' and 4x of 'enzyme' Extract-it Kits individually packaged so they can be used as needed.