Enterprise & Innovation ENT1010 | Challenge & Opportunity - Alberta Focused

Downloadable (1 PDF - 92 pages)

The ENT 1010 Course Guide teaches entrepreneurial spirit through experiential learning, collaborative investigation and application of knowledge. The skills associated with entrepreneurship are enforced throughout this course through group work and real-world examples. Students are given the opportunity to identify problems and solutions using the guiding principles of modern day problem/solution models in start-up businesses. They will engage and develop entrepreneurial skills through completing a Business Model Canvas for a real world business prototype.

This guide contains lesson plans for 22 instructional blocks, with supporting information, student worksheets, assessments and rubrics. This course is specific to Alberta's Career and Technology Studies course for Enterprise and Innovation offered at the High School level.

The course guide has been divided into five key concepts for any entrepreneur:

  1. Problem: How do ideas solve problems in the world?
  2. Solution: How do you find solutions that meet people's needs?
  3. Customer: Who are the people that care about the solution and how do you know they want your solution?
  4. Value: What makes your solution different or better than other solutions already available?
  5. Validate: Get into the community and talk to your potential users to discover if they see value in your solution.