BioArt Group Kit Pack


BioArt is a new and exciting topic that is being explored by all ages. From top art and design schools such as the Royal College of Art in London to Parson’s School of Design in New York City to your school, BioArt offers many opportunities to explore and communicate. Leveraging the age-old technique of painting and combining it with the cutting-edge activity of growing genetically engineered cells, your students can express what is important to them through a visual arts activity whilst doing science.

Bacterial painting is an especially rewarding and challenging form of art because the “paint” is actually living and it grows and changes through time. This is unlike traditional painting where once your paintbrush stroke lands on the canvas it doesn’t change unless you add or mix something into it. The outcome of your bacterial paintings is a mixture of your strokes, the temperature at which you incubate your “canvases”, the time that you allow the cells to grow, and whether anything else in your environment landed on your canvas.


What's Included?

Canvas Group Kit

The Canvas Kit is one of Amino Labs flagship products that has been used by thousands of people. The students first create their “canvases” (Petri dishes with LB agar). The students then streak the pre-engineered cells onto a few of their canvases to grow their painting pallet. After those cells grow, students will use the various painting tools included in the kits to collect some “bacterial paint” and paint it onto their canvases. Included in the kits are some stencils that students can trace over to learn the craft, or they can draw on a blank stencil and trace over their own drawing. Over 24-48 hours, the paintings emerge and the colors in the bacteria begin to develop. In general, the cells will develop from being white, through pastel colors into full strength pigments - time is important! This Canvas Group Kit comes with four different colored bacteria.

This group kit includes 8x individually packaged kits that can be handed out to students. There are a couple shared tubes that the teacher holds onto and the students use during the exercise. It is recommended that 1-4 students use an individually packaged kit.


Group Keep-it Kit

The Keep-it Kit is a popular kit that enables students to keep their BioArt paintings by embedding them in a resin that hardens and locks in and fixes the cells. This makes it so that the students can hold onto the plates with bare hands, take them home, and share them with their family and friends. The Keep-it Kit comes with a small plastic stand that props up the plate for displaying on a shelf like a trophy for others to see.

This group kit includes 8x individually packaged Keep-it Kits that can be handed out to students. Each of the kits come with two plastic stands and enough resin for two bacterial art pieces. In other words, with this group kit, there is enough resin and stands to conserve 16 bacterial art pieces.


Safety Set

A safety set includes 100 disposable plastic aprons that can be used as lab coats if you do not have lab coats for your students. Also, 1 box (100) of extra small nitrile gloves and 1 box (100) of medium nitrile gloves are included.


DNA Playground Large (Optional Add-on)

DNA Playground is a new kind of lab equipment that is specially designed for those just learning about BioArt, biotechnology, molecular biology, and genetic engineering. The DNA Playground enables fun and engaging BioArt experiments due to the built-in incubator that can incubate 8x Petri dishes (6 cm) and is fully compatible with Canvas Kits. The DNA Playground is also useful for other uses such as genetic engineering experiments because it also includes a “cold station”, which, eliminates the need to source ice and ice buckets, and a hot station, which, eliminates the need for a hot water bath and a thermometer.

The 3-in-1 nature of the DNA Playground highly simplifies getting the equipment for doing these fun and engaging exercises reduces the cost compared to buying traditional lab equipment and lowers the set-up and clean-up time. Moreover, these units take only seconds to turn off, unplug, and store away in a cupboard for next time - this means you do not need a dedicated lab space to set up and maintain the equipment.

If you already have a petri dish incubator, hot water bath, thermometers, ice buckets, and crushed ice, then you will not need a DNA Playground Large. If you do not have that equipment than choose the number of DNA Playground Large using the drop-down.

Each DNA Playground Large can host up to four groups of students doing the Canvas Kit or Engineer-it Kit exercises. Typically a classroom will require between 2 and 4 DNA Playground Large, depending on the student group sizes.

Calculation (round up to get how many machines you need):

_____ (number of students per class) / _____ (students per group) / 4 =