Induce-it Kit™


Engineer the genetics of bacteria and control gene expression with a chemical. (Manually control genes!)

The Induce-it Kit lets you practice inducing (turning on) gene expression using a chemical. Grow and engineering bacteria with a DNA program, culture the cells and then you decide when you want the DNA program to turn on by adding a chemical to your petri dish.

All-in-one kit with no prior experience necessary. A perfect step in exploring the world of biotechnology.Compatible with Ch. 7 of Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero book.

A DNA Playground is recommended. Prior completion of Canvas, Engineer-it, and Extract-itKits is recommended. 

In this kit you will

Make selective & non-selective agar, pour petri dishes, streak bacteria, make bacteria chemically competent, engineer bacteria using DNA plasmid (bacterial transformation), incubate, culture bacteria, create positive and negative controls, add inducer, incubate, view/analyze results.

Shipping Times

Ships in 1-10 working days. If you require yours for a specific date or event, please contact us prior to, or with your order # so that we can make it happen for you! ☺︎ 

The kit(s) must be refrigerated upon arrival for longer shelf life.