Extract-it™ Kit


How do you extract your products, such as your colored pigments from cells? With this Extract-it Kit, whether you are extracting from your engineer-it kit results or your biomanufacturing kit culture, you will be able to find out, first hand!

This kit currently requires the use of a microcentrifuge with 13 000 x g or greater. Please contact us for more details.  


  • “End-to-end Genetic Engineering” Students or groups can collect (pellet) cells, lyse the cells, and obtain sterile colored pigments
  • “Real World Experience” undertake a miniature scale of what industry uses to make medicine and industrial products, and at actual scale that researchers use for experiments.
  • “Multi-disciplinary” Students can then use the pigments in art class!

In this kit you will

Make selective agar, pour petri dishes, culture bacteria, lyse bacteria, filter-sterilize extract, view/use results.


Kit Options

This Kit comes in 2 versions :

  • Plate: if you will be extracting the pigment from cells you have grown in a petri dish with your DNA Playground and Engineer-it Kit. The group version comes in a pack of four kits. 
  • Liquid: if you will be extracting the pigments from cells you have biomanufactured and grown in a liquid culture using your BioExplorer Lab, Engineer-it Kit and BioManufacturing Kit.  This liquid culture kit also requires a centrifuge that can spin 50 mL tubes.
Shipping Times

Ships in 2-10 working days. If you require yours for a specific date or event, please contact us prior to, or with your order # so that we can make it happen for you! ☺︎ 

The kit(s) must be refrigerated upon arrival for longer shelf life and one component must be kept frozen until use.