Ignition Pack

The next generation of our popular Science-In-A-Crate program, Ignition Pack is a permanent classroom resource that transforms science class by combining the best of 21st century learning, hands-on resources and digital components, including guided PowerPoint lessons; real-world videos featuring subject matter experts; experiments, projects and assessments; unique hands-on resources and key materials.

Each Ignition Pack contains the content needed to teach a full unit of science—over 40 resources and 20-25 hours of teaching materials, and is designed to introduce fundamental scientific concepts through exploration, experimentation and critical thinking.
“I was fortunate to have piloted the grade 5 Wetlands science unit. I was very impressed—it was accurate to Alberta wetlands/climate and environmental concerns. The specific nature of the lessons, especially the wonderful videos, really engaged students—they were focused and excited about the next wetland activity. It was wonderful to have such a variety of hands-on experiments, beautiful cards relating to the plants and animals of Alberta’s wetlands, and
discussion starters. My students were thrilled with this unit, and the support from MindFuel was amazing!” - Marilyn A., middle school teacher, Calgary
“Only some of us are lucky enough to know that there are superior learning resources out there like MindFuel’s programs. For me, Ignition Pack provides a condensed version of reliable information that allows me to get the most out of a subject and accelerate my learning. With the Ignition Pack lessons, I found that I was motivated, which ended up having a long-term beneficial effect by fully developing and enhancing my knowledge of the subject.” - Grade 8 student, Calgary