Classroom Chemistry | Lesson 9 - Acids & Bases

Downloadable (1 PDF - 6 pages)

The activity Acids & Bases can also be found within the Classroom Chemistry - Let's Do Science Bundle. If you are interested in purchasing this activity and more, you can check out the Classroom Chemistry bundle here.

In this activity which is ideal for grade 5, students predict and observe the properties of acidic, basic and neutral solutions.

After completing this lesson bundle, students will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between an acid and a base
  • Use an indicator to identify a solution as being acidic, basic or neutral

Additional resources included with the activity plan:

  • Student worksheet

Additional resources required:

  • Red cabbage
  • Stove
  • Large pot
  • Dropper(s)
  • At least six different liquids with different pH
  • Paper cups
  • A waste bucket