Needs of Plants and Animals - Grow a Plant

Downloadable (1 PDF - 6 pages)

The Grow a Plant activity can also be found within the Needs of Plants and Animals - Let's Do Science Bundle. If you are interested in purchasing this activity and more, you can check out the Needs of Plants and Animals bundle here.

During the Grow a Plant activity, which is ideal for K-1, students will determine what plants need to grow and survive by growing plants from seeds under a range of different conditions, including lack of sunlight, lack of water, and lack of soil. Students will then compare plants needs to those of humans and look at the similarities and differences in our requirements.

By the end of the activity students should be able to:

  • Identify and understand the basic needs of living things and how they meet these needs
  • Understand and explain the environment/habitat for various plants and animals
  • Describe characteristics of a healthy environment for living things

Additional resources included with the activity plan:

  • Grow a plant observation sheet

Additional resource required:

  • Book: “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle or “Jack and the Beanstalk"
  • Clear plastic cups or glass jars (1 per group)
  • Box large enough to hold one of the above cup or jar
  • Bean seeds
  • Potting soil
  • Cotton wool