Wetland Ecosystems - Worm Farming

Downloadable (1 PDF - 10 pages)

The Worm Farming activity can also be found within the Wetlands - Let's Do Science Bundle. If you are interested in purchasing this activity and more, you can check out the Wetlands bundle here.

This activity, which is ideal for grades 4-5, introduces students to vermicomposting, or worm farming, and the recycling of organic “waste” into something useful for plants/humans by the worms. The worm castings produced by the worms can then be used by plants, such as vegetables, to grow, which we can then harvest and eat.

By the end of the activity students should be able to:

  • Understand the important role of all plants and animals in ecosystems
  • Create food chains and food webs
  • Identify factors which contribute to the survival of plants and animals in habitats
  • Identify human actions which can harm and help ecosystems

Additional resources included with the activity plan:

  • Worm farming worksheet
  • Worm farming anatomy

Additional resource required:

  • Red wiggler worms
  • Worm farming containers
  • Dirt or coconut coir
  • Variety of food for worms (eg. Plant based food scraps, newspaper, grass clippings)
  • Misting spray bottle
  • Newspaper
  • Rubber / latex gloves for students (optional)
  • Thermometer (optional)